After smoking at least two packs everyday for 24 years, I desperately wanted to quit, but my stress sabotaged every effort and I relapsed again and again. Like so many,  I had repeatedly failed to kick my addiction.

As a nurse and psychotherapist, I understood the connection between smoking and stress. I had always been active and knew that exercise could help reduce anxiety.  but exercise and sports were completely foreign to me. However,  an unwilling mind and reluctant body were familiar territory.

I needed help to maintain my exercise program at home, so I created the Instant Exercise Inspirations™ MP3 music program, which got me started exercising and kept me going. Since then I have never had a problem exercising, in spite of illnesses, injuries, and the demands of a busy life. I also quit smoking in 1985, and have not picked up a cigarette since that Christmas Day some 30 years ago.

Many years later I became skilled in the amazing Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, also called Tapping, which release emotional stress, psychological blocks and barriers to help create a better life. This simple and elegant technique effectively complements this system to incorporate regular activity for a positive lifestyle change. EFT dissolves the excuses and procrastination, and the Instant Exercise Inspiration™ MP3  creates the ongoing enthusiasm and desire to exercise.

Make exercise easy!

Get inspired to exercise and you can create an amazing habit. Combine these two techniques, and use them as this book instructs to guarantee the results you want. You can have the same experience of freedom to be a powerful self-starter through this innovative system.

“If you don’t control your mind, someone else will”

— John Allston


You cannot afford to have a distracted body in control of your activity levels, since the inevitable results are obesity, atrophy, and apathy.

Make Exercise Easy with EFT takes the struggle out of getting inspired to exercise. It creates a natural, intrinsic desire for activity by training your mind and body to want to move.  It slays all the “dragons” of your excuses.

The Make Exercise Easy with EFT system with Instant Exercise Inspirations™MP3 is an original,  elegant, and unique system which helps you develop a revolutionary personal trainer for your mind that creates the desire for exercise and activity.

First, you identify your personal passionate purpose for making this impressive lifestyle change. Fitness has to mean something important and significant to you.

Next, dissolve every one of your sabotaging excuses, your dragons, with Emotional Freedom Technique.  Chapter 2 will show you how to do this. Videos are available on the companion website to demonstrate the basic tapping procedure and show you how to use it to slay your dragons.

Use the Instant Exercise Inspirations™ MP3 when you exercise. The companion audio program reinforces the many positive attributes of exercise and bonds them to your body and to the exercise activity.

Take powerful command of your mind and your body in a positive, practical manner. These proven psychological principles will create a powerful desire to exercise and you will experience emotional inspiration and physical enthusiasm to be active.

You need to have a purpose for routine exercise. A habit of any kind, even exercise, can be deadening unless it serves a greater goal. Find the result you want in your life. Identify what will free you. and you will have taken a big step in learning to inspire yourself.

“Exercise gives me energy; I have plenty of energy to exercise.” When you say this enthusiastic command, for example, you cement the attribute of energy to the exercise activity as well as to the good feeling in your body. This gives you more enthusiasm to continue to exercise. Find out in Chapter 4 why this works so effectively.

Use the Instant Exercise Inspirations™ MP3 every time you do routine activities such as:

  • Walking outdoors or on a treadmill
  • Jogging or running
  • Using the elliptical walker
  • Bicycling on a regular or stationary bike
  • Using the stair climber

It FUN and It WORKS!

Best wishes for being a Certified-Fantastic Fitness Fan.

Lynn Kennedy Baxter


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