About the Author

Lynn Kennedy Baxter is a registered nurse, psychotherapist, author and creator of Make Exercise Easy with Emotional Freedom Technique & Instant Exercise Inspirations MP3 and Exercise Made Easy: Frequent Flashes of Inspiration.

Lynn has a passion for exercise that started more than three decades ago when she began her journey to stop smoking. Her greatest personal achievement was completely quitting cigarettes 31 years ago and continuing to become a Certified Fitness Fan.

As an RN and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice, Lynn empowers people to have greater confidence using Emotional Freedom Technique in psychotherapy. She enthusiastically enables people to be self-starting achievers with her books and articles on EFT.

In addition to many professional activities, Lynn is a certified SCUBA diver, an avid skier, an occasional golfer and enjoys her love of hiking with her dog, Zeus.


Schedule a personal consultation or counseling appointment for help with your exercise issues Lynn@MakeExerciseEasy.com.

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