Why people love our program.

The list of “Certified-fantastic future fitness” fans is continuing to grow! Here are a few reasons why you should become a fan today:

As healthcare providers, we know how hard it is to motivate patients to become and stay healthy.   “Exercise Made Easy with EFT” has captured the relationship between positive thinking and physical wellness. This system educates the reader to empower themselves to take control of their health via enhancing the innate mind-body connection.

Dr. Lynn, DC & Dr. Scott, DC, Lancaster, PA

For the first time I am looking forward to exercising with this program, not dreading it.

'TC' Teresa Clark, Colorado Springs, Colorado

After I quit smoking 7 years ago, I put on 80 pounds. EFT tapping has really helped me stay on my diet, lose 39 pounds so far and be motivated to exercise. I still have another 40 pounds to go, but I can do it with my Fairy Godmother of Fitness helping me.

Carol S., Lancaster, PA

Finding the space and time to exercise for the joy of exercise is rare. Make Exercise Easy with EFT, does a beautiful job of weaving EFT “solutions” to those mental “dragons” we put before ourselves as blocks for a healthier, happier future.  I found her book both inspirational and instructive.  Thank you Lynn, for both the inspiration and the techniques!

Leah R.BST certified practitioner, Co-creator & Instructor in Toroidal Meditation, Intuitive Healer.

Motivating yourself to exercise isn’t always easy. The biggest hurdles are often the mental blocks that keeping you from getting started. Moving past them really is painless and simple for me using the Make Exercise Easy program!

Amber S., Lancaster, PA

I love that with this system, exercising isn’t just “going through the motions”.  The Inspirations allow me to be actively engaged in creating a new lifestyle for myself.  By using the Inspirations I’m not just changing my body, I’m changing my mind.  

Vivian B. RN, Walnut Creek, CA

As a former queen of “Yes, but” excuses, I had put down my tiara and throw out the bottomless bag of excuses not to exercise in order to overcome chronic pain and other health issues, especially fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). My “I’ve been sick” and “Too demanding” Excuse Dragons had to go! Thank goodness for Lynn’s high-spirited, illustrative style of encouraging us to take good care of our health and defy the odds; I now have a “Fairy Godmother of Fitness” on my side, as I continue to “Be Bold” and honor the “Power of Five” while continuing on my journey of self-investment for today—and for my future. I am recommending Make Exercise Easy with EFT books and MP3 to all my clients living with chronic pain and addiction, so that they, too, can blossom through the wisdom of this program.

Ilana Kristeva, "Self-Care Vigilante" and author of the forthcoming book, Tap into the Universe for Recovery, Book 1: Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante. Pro EFT™ Practitioner and Founder of FIELD of CHOICES. www.fieldofchoices.com

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