October 4, 2015


     Welcome to Make Exercise Easy with Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT or Tapping, as it is also called.

     I am your host, Lynn Kennedy Baxter, author, psychotherapist, registered nurse and stand-in for the Fairy Godmother of Fitness.

     My mission is to help you develop the “mental muscles’ to become a certified-fantastic fitness fan. You already know that your body needs you to be active and I believe that you need to have fun being active.

     That’s why you are here – to get the energy and stamina and mental tools to be active and enjoy it. And ultimately to have a great, healthy body.

     You can see from this video that I am no spring chicken, as my father used to say. Make Exercise Easy is geared to the person who needs the energy and enthusiasm to become active without exercise being the end goal. I believe that exercise is a means to an end – the end being what you decide is your own personal, powerful, passionate purpose for becoming fit.

     So much of what I see in the exercise and fitness industry is geared to the 20 to 30 something person and doesn’t consider the rest of us.

     Over the next weeks I’ll be doing EFT tapping with you to overcome your excuse “dragons.” I’ll be presenting information and interviewing people who are helpful to inspire you to stay fit. I got into exercise and fitness many years ago to help me stop smoking. I needed some way to conquer the stress that contributed to my addiction. And I did that 30 years ago. I quit smoking. 

     Exercise became the venue for me to change my sedentary, addiction-filled life. I decided to start snow skiing. That led me to meet the man who later became my husband. Then Mike introduced me to SCUBA diving and we were off to having many adventures. We had lots of fun skiing and diving.

     Like me – you need a healthy body, strength, energy and stamina to have fun whatever that means to you and your lifestyle.

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