Hi. Thanks for stopping by today. I am your host, Lynn Kennedy Baxter, registered nurse, psychotherapist and author of www.Make Exercise and stand in for the Fairy Godmother of Fitness.
What do you mean I’m athletic?! That’s what I was told after I started exercising – that I was athletic. BUT – girls aren’t supposed to be athletic. I wasn’t raised that way! So continuing to exercise meant that I had to expand my identity, especially my self-image as a woman. You might have guessed that I grew up a long time ago in the south with the belief that girls are not supposed to be athletic. It’s not feminine.
This may not be your issue, but expanding your identity and self-image to encompass fitness and exercise as in integral part of who you are IS your issue.
How do you expand who you are to incorporate a change in your self-image? Tap on it!
Make a set up statement:
Even though I don’t believe exercise and fitness are in my nature and I wasn’t taught to be that way, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway (as much as I am able).

What do you feel? Where do you feel it in your body? What is the intensity zero to 10 with 10 being the most intense?
Tap on it with as many rounds as needed to lower the intensity to at least 3.

Now for the choice statement of change:
I choose to expand my self –image to embrace fitness and exercise in my lifestyle.
How true is that now starting out? – zero to 10 with zero being not true right now and 10 being completely true now.

Tap again on the set up statement adding in this choice statement until it feel very true.

If you have read my books, Make Exercise Easy with the Emotional Freedom Technique and Frequent Flashes of Inspiration, you know that I started exercising as a way to help me quit smoking. I did succeed at that and kept on exercising because it felt good and it was a great way to handle my stress. Somewhere along the way my identity and self-image changed – expanded. I quit smoking on Christmas day 1985 at a ski resort. I had already decided to take up skiing. So those two changes in my self-image reinforce each other. I continued to ski and I continue to be free of my cigarette addiction. And then later after I met my husband-to-be while skiing, I decided to scuba dive with him, too.

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